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アイ・シー360/EyeSee 360 degree GoPano Plus Camera Mount/Photowarp GPP-3AP6-1PW/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー ESGPOPW25Mirror shape:Exactly equiangular (US Patent 7 123 777)
Horizontal field of view:360deg.
Vertical field of view:100deg. (50deg. above to 55deg. below horizon) Substrate: Aluminum 6061
Machining process:Single-point diamond turned
Coating process:Vacuum deposition on front surface
Reflective coating:Protected aluminum (Al + SiO2)
Sun shade hard case:ABS plastic
Housing:Aluminum with santoprene grip
Center post:Aluminum
Center stage:Borosilicate glass
Thread Size:Dia. 67mm x 0.75 pitch
Software:PhotoWarp is optimized for Velocity Engine on Macs MMX/SSE on PCs and supports multi-processor machines
Dimensions:Mirror size: 90mm diameter (3.54'')
Optic dimensions (LxDia.): 212 x 100mm (8.34 x 3.94'')
Hard case dimensions (LxWxD): 5.94 x 4.61 x 4.61'' (151 x 117 x 117mm)
Optic with hard case dimensions: 8.94 x 4.61 x 4.61'' (227 x 117 x 117 mm)
Weight:17.5 oz (496 g) 26.1 oz (739 g) in case

・Create seamless 360deg. panoramic images
・For still photographs (video panoramas can be created using optional VideoWarp Director software compatible with Mac computers only)
・Single mirror specifically designed to deliver a wide field of view with great detail
・Compatible with hundreds of popular brands and models of professional and compact digital cameras

The Eyesee 360 degree GoPano Plus Panoramic Camera Mount with Photowarp 2.5 Software provides everything you need to produce spectacular 360 degree still images using your own digital camera. GoPano Plus is an optic that attaches to your digital camera or SLR lens and creates seamless panoramas using a curved mirror.

The specially designed mirror gathers light from all directions and reflects it into the lens of your camera-the single image that's created shows everything in a 360 degree ring around the optic. On your computer this warped image is transformed-or unwarped-into an interactive scene where anyone can control the view. The patented GoPano design tailors the mirror to remove the unneeded reflection of the camera and expand the useful reflection area near the horizon producing a wide field of view with great detail.

GoPano Plus builds on EyeSee360's ten years of experience in panoramic mirror design. The new mirror uses an aluminum substrate instead of glass which makes it incredibly strong and durable. The mirror is fabricated using a NASA-derived single point diamond turning process the most precise machining process available. Each mirror is inspected to ensure it meets the exacting standards.

The optic housing is machined from aluminum for durability with a glass center stage (with a glare-resistant coating) for best optical quality and scratch resistance. Bubble levels are strategically placed around the base of the optic. The GoPano Plus has a 67mm thread that's easily adapted to any of the hundreds of cameras lenses and camcorders that are compatible with this optic. When not in use the optic has a tough clamshell case for protection. In addition to the GoPano Plus optic PhotoWarp 2.5 software is included to make your 360 degree photographic panoramas a reality. PhotoWarp is compatible with Macs and PCs. Optional VideoWarp Director software is required for using GoPano Plus with video.

EyeSee 360 degree GoPano Plus Camera Mount/Photowarp GPP-3AP6-1PW

125,185円 (税込 135,200 円)
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