WYOU airs local, regional, and national programs, but our primary focus is giving voice to people in our community. (See the Schedule page for exact days and times.) Here’s a sampling of the titles that air on our station:

  • Capitol City Band
  • The DW Show
  • Freedom of Peace
  • Herb TV
  • La Cuisine Du Garage
  • Madison Civics Club
  • Mending the Hoop
  • Music With Pete
  • Scary Sherri’s Creepy Corner Theater
  • Surprise Circus
  • Third World Issues
  • Wake Up With Eckankar
  • Windmiller Media Theater
  • The Wonders of Physics

Additional shows from outside our area:

  • Democracy Now!
  • Eastern Light Screening Zone & Variety
  • Eckankar
  • Grace & Truth
  • In Search of the Way
  • Keys to the Kingdom
  • Prophetic Word
  • Return of Creature Feature
  • Runaway Sundays
  • Unarius
  • Word of Truth

…and more!