Democracy Now! Back on WYOU!

Democracy Now schedule on WYOU:

  • Weekdays at noon
  • Rerun same day at 6:00 pm
  • Rerun again the following weekday at 4:00 am and 7:00 am.

Several months ago, the equipment running our TV programming died. After a decade of continuous 24/7 use, this was not really too much of a surprise. The system was expensive. For us to replace it, the cost would have run into many thousands of dollars.

Luckily for us, WORT–Madison’s local community radio station–happened to have their own piece of television equipment that someone had donated to them. WORT had no real use for it so they were willing to give it to us in exchange for a digital video camera that former WYOU board member Glenn C. Reynolds generously donated to the cause.

So we now had a new, much more reliable automator system running our programming. The only caveat was that this new piece of equipment was not set up to be able to receive a live feed from Free Speech TV and Democracy Now.

To make a long story short, WYOU tech volunteer, Bryan Fay, spent many hours on the phone with the manufacturer, then writing his own program that would automatically air the Democracy Now show file each day after they made it available to us. Bryan’s program worked and Democracy Now is back on the air at WYOU!

Thank you Bryan for all your dedicated hours of work!

WYOU 2017 Board of Directors Candidates

The candidates for the Board of Directors Election are listed below. Each candidate has been a friend, volunteer and active WYOU member for many years. Click on the candidate’s name to learn more about them from their Facebook Page.
The WYOU board has room for all five candidates. If you wish, you may vote for all five candidates. Come place your vote at the membership meeting or if you are unable to attend the meeting please print this email, circle your selections and send your ballot to:

WYOU Community Television
c/o Madison Public Library
201 W. Mifflin St.
Madison, WI 53703

Mailed ballots must be post marked by Monday, 2/27/17. You may also email your selections to:

We look forward to seeing you at Lakeview Library on Monday, 2/27 from 5-8pm. Light refreshments will be served.

WYOU Annual Membership Meeting and Elections

WYOU’s annual membership meeting will be held at the Northside Lakeview Library branch (2845 N. Sherman Ave., Madison, WI 53704) on Monday, February 27th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. 

New board members will be elected that night and members must be up to date on their memberships in order to vote. Membership renewal can be done online at

TODAY is the last day to submit your name as a candidate for the WYOU Board of Directors. If you are interested in running for the board you must let WYOU know (via email, Facebook, or snail mail postmarked by 1/28/17) 30 days prior to the election for your name to be included on the ballot.

Please come and let your voice be heard! We look forward to seeing you there!


Wonders of Physics Live

If you’re ready to be amazed and get experimental…

Come see
The Wonders of Physics LIVE at 2103 Chamberlin Hall this February! They
will be hosting their 34th annual presentation! This is a great show for
all ages!

You can find FREE TICKETS now available at:

or you can contact by Phone: 608-262-2927 Email:

See more cool stuff at

Can’t make it to any of the show times? You can catch The Wonders of Physics on WYOU

International Cook with your Kids Day

This Saturday October 15th is International Cook with your Kids Day.

WYOU is celebrating with “The Kitchen Krewe” Marathon. 
Episodes 1-5 will play back-to-back:
7:00am – 9:30am
11:00am – 1:30pm
7:30pm – 10:00pm


“The Kitchen Krewe” season one Finale!

Get your free tickets here: FREE tickets to “The Kitchen Krewe” season Finale on Monday, 5/23!

We are selling raffle tickets to win a NESCO 5-in-1 Quick Cook System. The drawing will be held at the end of the finale. Raffle tickets are one for $2, three for $5 (or 12 for $20)! Buy your raffle tickets at the show or online here: RAFFLE TICKET for NESCO prize be sure to include your email address and we will send you your lucky numbers. Winning number will be posted here and on Facebook. If you are the winner we will make arrangements to get your NESCO prize to you. 
Thank you for supporting WYOU!
WYOU Community Television MEMBERSHIP MEETING and 

The 2016 WYOU Membership meeting will be held on Thursday, February 18th, 5-10pm, at Next Door Brewing Co. This year’s meeting will be combined with a WYOU fundraiser. Members and friends of all ages are welcome.
  • For every beer you buy at the event WYOU receives $1 (we hope you’re thirsty!)
  • There will be a silent auction with great items for you to bid on.
  • Purchase a 50-50 raffle ticket for your chance to share a cash prize with WYOU. 
Our silent auction will include items donated by our friends at The Madison Mallards, Kessenich’s, Artful Home, Willy Street Co-op, Potosi Brewery, Star Liquor just to name a few.

Join us to raise a pint in support of WYOU Community Television!
If your WYOU membership renew/join in person at the annual meeting at a special event rate. Join us on the 18th to learn how much you can save.  

THANKS and we look forward to seeing you on February 18th!
 Next Door Brewing Co.