Amy Goodman Live in the WYOU Studio!

Amy Goodman of the nationally syndicated program Democracy Now is in Madison this weekend, and she came into WYOU this morning to do her live broadcast from our studio.
Friday morning, bright and early at 6:00 am, just before the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Progressive Magazine is to begin, the world-reknowned cutting edge free-speech news journalist, Amy Goodman came to Madison’s only community television station, WYOU, to tape the daily edition of Democracy Now!, the widely viewed program which covers the news that mainstream media doesn’t.
The atmosphere was positive to bring a positive start, inspiration and professional approach to the studio in a matter of minutes. With a make-up artist, a satellite truck in the parking lot and professional assistants to coordinate the program with the New York studio, the buzz of energy was exciting and remarkable. Goodman was kind, friendly and professional. She encouraged the station and offered clips to encourage sponsorship of WYOU on-air. Busy as can be, the crew rushed off to the next event at the Progressive Anniversary Celebration.