WYOU has been a fixture in the Madison area for more than 30 years as a source of locally- produced television programming, and a vital forum for voices that don’t have access to the mainstream media. WYOU provides Dane County residents with access to the instruction, equipment and support needed to produce their own television programming for cable television. At WYOU, anybody can produce a TV show and be heard. Currently, over 50% of our programming is locally produced. Our producers include students and teachers, conservationists, social workers, accountants, activists, health care workers, independent filmmakers and members of local religious organizations. We also air programs such as Democracy Now, News Desk, and NASA 360, which are submitted by local residents but produced elsewhere. WYOU has been funded by PEG fees from cable subscribers. Due to changes in state legislation, these fees will no longer be collected and WYOU’s future is now in the hands of community members.

WYOU is Madison's non-profit Community Access Television Station

The function of WYOU is to stimulate and facilitate open community use of the public access station and to affect the development of local television programming. We accomplish this by educating the community in the use of digital cameras & non-linear editing software and by providing facilities for independent producers to do their thing.

Current Board of Directors:

  • Janet Kjelland
  • Luciano Matheron
  • Melissa Minkoff
  • Leslie Stephany

The WYOU Board meetings are held in the Lakeview branch library. Any WYOU member is allowed to attend and observe.